Interactive Demo Swipe File

Working on a new interactive product demo?

Here are 50+ examples from B2B SaaS companies to inspire you. 👇

In a market where buyers are:

➡️ independant

➡️ educated

➡️ impatient

Interactive demos are one way to make your buying process easier.

When when started using Navattic to build our interactive demos at Klue, it was helpful to look at examples from companies like Dooly, Ramp, and Mixpanel.

That’s why I created this handy swipe file with over 50 awesome examples - built using various interactive demos platforms.

I’ve also added a few tags to help make reviewing them easier 👇

🏷 Gated

Examples with this tag are gated. Everything else is available without having to submit your email.

If gating your demo is the route you want to take, I’d suggest looking at how these companies approach it. What messaging they use. How they entice buyers to submit their info.

🏷 Embed

Many demos open in a dedicated page, but examples with this tag have them embedded on a product page.

Look to see how these companies have incorporated them into their pages. How far down the page? How are they introduced? What else is on the page?

🏷 Collection

A number of companies have created collections of product-specific demos. I personally love this approach as it allows you to keep tours short and easier to consume. It also encourages buyers to explore other areas of your product.

In these examples, I like to look at how they've organized their collections. Are they segmented by product, feature, solution, persona?

A few other things to look for when reviewing these examples:

  • What CTA copy is being used to get buyers to take the tour?
  • How are they opening their tour? What copy is used in the intro?
  • Are they showing a CTA at the end of the tour? If so, what is it?
  • What writing style are they using? What style would work best for our buyers?

That’s it. Hope fully this helps make creating your next interactive tour a little bit easier.

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📌 Grab the free swipe file here 👉  http://bit.ly/3ZmJpJc