Interactive Demo Course

Interactive Demo Course

Published Date
November 9, 2023
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Buying software is hard.

That’s why 40% of deals end in no decision 🚫

But I believe Interactive Demos can help change that 👇

Wondering what the hype is all about?

Where you can use interactive demos and how to build ones that get results?

I created a FREE micro-course called The PMMs Guide to Interactive Demos. I originally hosted it live, but I’m now making it available free and on-demand.

In this one-hour class you’ll learn:

➡️ Shocking data about SaaS buying habits 😱

➡️ Why it pays to give un-gated product access

➡️ What to look for in interactive demo software

➡️ Where to use demos in your go-to-market

➡️ How to build effective demos

➡️ What best practices to follow

You’ll walk away with:

➡️ A one-pager to convince your boss that interactive demos are a good idea

➡️ A criteria checklist to help evaluate interactive demo tools

➡️ 16 use case ideas and rock-solid examples

➡️ A template to help you build demos quickly

➡️ A best practice checklist for killer demos


Want to be the smartest person in the room when it comes to interactive demos?

Grab the link in the comments 👇