Imposter syndrome and anxiety in product marketing

When Nick Ziech-Lopez asked me to come on his podcast to talk about things like imposter syndrome, and the pressure/anxiety you feel in product marketing, I jumped at the chance.

I love talking about this stuff because it’s real and every PMM feels it.

You’re not going to:

❌ always be the first to break the hottest competitive intel

❌ crush every launch

❌ nail every piece of messaging

❌ be a master in every aspect of your job

the list goes on...

And that’s okay.

Link to the full episode is in the comments. 👇


You: “Jason, love your choice of wearing a bright red shirt.”

Me: “Thanks. it was the holidays.”


Listen to the full episode here - https://www.enablix.com/mindthegap/jason-oakley/