I’m changing the name of my newsletter

I’m changing the name of my newsletter

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August 29, 2023
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I’m changing the name of my newsletter 😱

The Swipe Files → is now → PMM Files

So if you subscribe, that’s what to look for in your inbox tomorrow 👀

Why the change? Keep reading 👇

I don’t talk about my business that much on LinkedIn, but I often get questions about how things are going, so I’m going to try and share more often.

One thing that I’ve been back and forth on for a while is the name of my newsletter. I launched The Swipe Files earlier this year as a way to share the different examples I was adding to my own swipe file during the course of a week. The name made sense, so I chose it. There wasn’t much more thought than that.

Tip for PMMs: do your market research before naming a new product 😅

It wasn’t until I got a message from Richard King that I realized someone else in our space already had a newsletter with the same name. The "Swipe Files" newsletter and community had already been around for a couple of years. I subscribed to the newsletter and it’s great — highly recommend it.

The same thing happened to me just before launching the PMM Productivity Hub. For months I planned on calling it “Product Marketing OS” but a couple of weeks before launching a team in France launched a Notion template called, you guessed it, Product Marketing OS. I had to scramble last minute to change it.

So anyways, there I was. Stuck.

I really liked the name I had, but as my newsletter started to gain traction, recognition, and interest from sponsors, it just didn’t feel right.

But you know how it is — you get busy with work and life and decisions like that fall to the wayside.

So today I’m excited to finally make the switch and rename my newsletter → PMM Files.

A couple other reasons why this made sense:

  • This name is more specifically focused on Product Marketing, which is my target audience.
  • Surprisingly, many PMMs don’t even know what a Swipe File is so it removes any of that confusion.
  • It opens me up to cover more than just examples in the future, but for now that’s still the main focus.

For everyone that’s subscribed so far, thanks so much! 🙏

And if you’re interested in joining, click the link below. The next edition drops tomorrow.

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