Identify Transferrable PMM Skills

Identify Transferrable PMM Skills

In reality, so many PMM skills are transferrable from other roles and industries. That's why I think too many hiring teams make the mistake of only looking for people with years of on-the-job PMM experience ā€” even for entry-level roles.

These are core PMM skills that show up everywhere:

  • Asks great questions ā€¢ Always curious (great listener) ā€¢ Spots trends and insights in data (analysis)

ā€¢ Strategic thinker ā€¢ Communicates insights and strategy clearly ā€¢ Influences others and facilitates decisions

ā€¢ Project management ā€¢ Cross-team collaboration

ā€¢ Internal communication ā€¢ Strong educator

ā€¢ Prioritization ā€¢ Resourcefulness - doing a lot with little