How we’re scaling our messaging certification at Klue

Looking for a scalable way to run a messaging certification?

Here is what we're trying at Klue 👇

We just kicked off internal certifications for our category narrative.

For us, the goal is to feel confident that everyone at Klue, regardless of their dept, can confidently explain #CompetitiveEnablement to someone at a conference, over dinner, in an elevator, etc.

But individually certifying each employee is really hard to scale.

So here’s the process we shared at Klue:

Step 1️⃣  - Study the training materials (and practice)

The full narrative doc is available, but the point isn’t to teach everyone the same script. We want everyone to understand the story and tell it in their own words.

So we provided:

  • A cheat sheet with high-level talking points
  • An example recording of me delivering the narrative

Step 2️⃣ - Record yourself delivering the narrative

We ask everyone to use Loom, Vidyard, CloudApp, or Quicktime to record a video of themselves delivering the narrative — as if they were asked while networking at a conference.

Step 3️⃣ - Submit your recording

We ask employees to add their Name, Team, and Video Link in an internal spreadsheet. The end result is a spreadsheet with everyone’s narrative recording, easily sortable by department.

Step 4️⃣ - Join a Workshop

At this point, we could take hours to listen to every employee’s recording, provide individual feedback, and individually certify them.

But to make it more scalable, we are booking workshops with each team. In each workshop, we pick a number of recordings submitted by that team, listen to them together, provide feedback, and discuss them as a group.

That's it ✅

Here's what we observed after our first workshop:

  • Listening to multiple people deliver the narrative, while at the same time discussing and thinking critically about each one, helps everyone walk away with a solid understanding.
  • My team also gets an in-depth look at how this narrative will sound to prospects and customers. During this process, we'll have the opportunity to study dozens of these recordings. We’ve already noticed a ton of improvements we can make.


Curious to hear if any other teams have tried something like this?

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