How to write a great LinkedIn Post

Use this LinkedIn post from Adam Schoenfeld as a guide for your next launch.

Here’s what I love about it 👇

1️⃣ He’s clear about his target audience

👉 SaaS startups doing account-based sales or marketing

2️⃣ He clearly defines the problem

👉 Building (good) account lists is frustrating.

3️⃣ He addresses the competing alternatives and their shortcomings

👉 Big data platforms cost too much, lock you into contracts, and the data isn’t right

👉 DIY is a ton of manual work and the data still isn’t right

4️⃣ He clearly describes what his product why it’s better

👉 Accurate, in-depth industry categories

👉 No subscription fees. Free to start.

👉 Build a list and preview in seconds. Download only if you’re happy.

5️⃣ He ends with a clear and easy call-to-action

👉 It only takes 2 minutes. Try it here.

So, in summary:

  • Clearly identify your target customer
  • Define their problem
  • Call out your competing alternatives (and their shortcomings)
  • Describe your product capabilities
  • Explain why you’re better
  • End with a clear and easy call-to-action

Hope that helps inspire your next launch post.


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