How to Win Your Marketing With Win-Loss - Webinar with SCIP

Looking to start your own win-loss program in 2023?

Or level-up your existing program to drive more impact?

Definitely check out this event tomorrow 👇

Join me and Ryan Sorley, Klue's new VP of Win-loss and founder of DoubleCheck Research, as we talk about how to win your market with win-loss.

We’ll cover topics like:

➡️ How to use win-loss to create an effective go-to-market strategy

➡️ How to enable your entire organization with win-loss insights

➡️ The steps needed to mature your win-loss program in 2023

Win-loss is a hot topic among product marketers this year.

Which makes sense because it’s one of the best ways to gather competitive insights and build your go-to-market strategy.

And at a time when deals are harder to come by, understanding why you win and lose is more important than ever.

Personally, win-loss is one proven way you can provide strategic value across your org, especially to senior leadership.

To learn how, register using the link in the comments!👇

And a big thanks to our partners at SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals) for hosting us!