How to measure category creation using Gong

Looking to measure the effectiveness of your #categorycreation or #brand awareness work?

Here’s how you can do it with Gong


🔍 Gong makes it easier to search for keywords across all of your call transcripts. If you’re introducing a new category or branded term to the market, you can find out how many times the word or phrase is coming up in conversations.

📈 You can then look at how this is trending over time. Are your marketing and enablement efforts driving more mentions over time?

📈 An even more impactful view is the percentage of calls it’s mentioned in and how that’s trending over time.

🥸 And the last thing to remember is that you can use the search filters to look at these numbers based on *who* is saying them.

  • Are your marketing efforts succeeding in getting prospects to organically use your keyword?
  • Are your enablement efforts convincing sellers to use your suggested messaging?

Chances are, there’s an opportunity to crank up the dial on both and this is a great way to measure it.