How to Make Your Competitive Page Title Impactful Without Sacrificing SEO

Here’s a quick tip for your competitive landing pages ☝️

Don’t waste your primary page title on stating the obvious.

Use it to communicate your unique differentiator.

Too many competitive landing pages are wasting this prime real estate by simply writing “Our Solution vs Other Solution.”

But your prospects already know that's what the page is about. Chances are they found it by searching those very words on Google.

Instead, you should be using this space to set the stage for why your solution is different and why your buyer should care.

This is your opportunity to set the theme of the page that every section following will back up.

And if SEO is your concern, you can still use “Your Solution vs Their Solution” as the h1 on your page, but use CSS to make it less of a focal point.

A big s/o to Federico Jorge who shared this tip on the first episode of Compared to What, a new video series where we break down competitive comparison pages and share practical tips, like this one.

Check out episode one in the comments 👇



Check out episode one of Compared to What 👇