How to break into Product Marketing

For anyone trying to break into product marketing.

It’s hard to get an interview without previous PMM experience.

Try this 👇

1️⃣ Pick your top 10.

Be intentional about the companies you’re applying to. A spray and pray approach won’t work. Take time to review postings and apply to companies you have a genuine interest in, have used their products, or compete in an industry you know well. Something to give you an edge.

2️⃣ Pinpoint your strengths in the job description.

We all have our superpowers. And you wouldn’t be looking to start a career in product marketing if you didn’t feel you had something to offer. In the “responsibilities” or “what you’ll be doing” sections of the job description, look to see if your skills match up with one of the first three bullets.

3️⃣ Do that work for free.

Work on a small project for that company, for free, without being asked, that showcases that particular skill.

✅. If it’s competitive enablement, map out their competitive landscape or create a battlecard for their sales team.

✅. If it’s product-led growth, sign up for their free plan and map out a suggested onboarding path in Miro.

✅. If it’s messaging, take one of their products and create a messaging framework around it.

✅ If you have campaign experience, pitch a concept around one of their latest product releases that'll help drive demand.

4️⃣ Send it to your future boss directly

Find your future boss on LinkedIn and make your pitch. Tell them your story, why you love their company. Explain how you saw “X” listed on their job description and were inspired to do this project for them. Include a quick Loom video walking through it.

Tell them you just hit submit on your job application and would love to chat about both, if they’re interested.

If this came into my inbox, I would 100% review your work. If it was good, I would give you an interview. Simple as that.

I wouldn’t be looking for a masterpiece or expecting you to be an expert on my business. But it would give me a look into the way you think, how you approach these projects, and your general understanding of my industry. Not to mention your determination and hustle.

Companies are looking everywhere for great #productmarketing talent and are willing to hire people without formal product marketing experience. It’s a versatile role suited for people with all kinds of experience and skills.

You just need to get your foot in the door.