How PMMs can align with sales on content priorities

Something our #productmarketing team has started doing to help clarify content priorities for the sales org.

We have a monthly meeting called → Align on Sales Content Priorities

We sit down with the sales leadership team and together, update a document ranking their content priorities. It can be both internal content/tools or external collateral they need.

It’s a simple word doc that we use to track our list and what we complete. Nothing overly complicated.

Why this helps:

  • It helps us keep a pulse on priorities, which can shift over time
  • It helps us all align on those priorities so there’s no confusion
  • It gives us a clear picture of what we need to work on, so we can plan our month
  • It keeps us accountable. We don’t want to come to a meeting with zero progress made.
  • it gives us an opportunity to agree on “completed” projects which can sometimes linger on forever

Are you doing something similar at your org?