How I create effective LinkedIn post images in Canva

15/20 of my top-performing posts this year have included images.

Here’s how I quickly create my post images using Canva👇

A couple of tips I highlight in this video:

  • Use the LinkedIn Post template in Canva. You don’t have to think about it + it optimizes your image to occupy the most space in the feed.
  • Use animations. Canva makes it really easy to add simple animations and download images as gifs. Makes it super easy to generate fun, eye-catching images that stop people in their feed.
  • Show the thing you’re talking about. Your image should help explain your post and provide context quickly, so show a real image of your template, tool, tip, new feature, etc.
  • Find a style that works and re-use it. Once you find a font and colors you like to use, it makes it easier to copy old images and iterate vs starting from scratch. It also helps you build a visual brand for yourself. It’s not to say you can’t experiment with other things or veer off time-to-time, but finding your “style” will make it easier to create images.


PS. Yes, the irony that this post doesn’t include an image is not lost on me. 🙂