How do you build a competitive culture in your org?

How do you build a competitive culture in your org? 💪

I had a great time moderating a panel on that topic yesterday with Patrick Wall, Tirrah Switzer, and Matthew Coblentz.

My big takeaway was this 👇

It’s not one person’s job to concern themselves with the competition. It’s an org-wide effort.

Competitive strategy is weaved into every aspect of your business, so fostering a culture of compete is big time important.

For a lot of #productmarketers and CI professionals, building a competitive program typically starts as a push approach.

It feels like you are having to push people to care about the competition. To use your battlecards, contribute intel, attend enablement sessions, include you in strategic conversations.

But over time, that shifts to feel more like a pull.

People in your company are always aware of the competition. They ask for competitive content and enablement. Want your support on deals.

Your competitive Slack channel is always popping off with great field intel and conversations around your competitors. You get invited to strategic meetings because executives value your input.

That pull feeling is a sign you’re building a strong competitive culture. 💪

3 practical tips from the panel:

1️⃣ Build competitive responsibilities into everyone’s job description.

2️⃣ Brand your internal competitive projects, sessions, deliverables to help build awareness.

3️⃣ Celebrate competitive wins and publicly shout out reps for contributing valuable insights.

A huge props to SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals) for hosting a great Intellicon conference. Thanks for including the Klue team! And a big thanks to Pat, Tirrah, and Matt! 🙏🏻