Hitting the reset button

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June 29, 2022
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#productmarketing people, how’s your relationship with sales?

If your answer is “not great…”

It’s never too late to hit the reset button. 👉 🔘

I’ve spoken with lots of product marketers who have struggled to engage their sales team.

👎 They lack credibility

👎 Rarely get looped in on strategic conversations

👎 Never get valuable feedback or intel from the field

👎 If they do get ad hoc requests for decks, collateral, or competitive enablement, that content is rarely used

This can feel like a hole that’s hard to crawl out of.

I’ve been there myself.

But you can totally turn it around.

In my case, it started with hitting the reset button. 👉 🔘

An event that gives you the opportunity to start fresh.

You may get lucky and it might happen on its own, like a new sales or marketing leader shaking things up.

But in many cases you have to make it happen.

And it doesn’t need to be a major thing.

You can start with a simple sales confidence survey.

Chances are, the results will be terrible. But that’s the idea.

This is an opportunity for you to address the elephant in the room.

Join an all-hands sales meeting or convince your sales leader to let you join a QBR. And leave your ego at the door.

The point of this session is to lay it all out there. Share the survey results, acknowledge that the team is unsupported, and share how you plan to change that.

Aim to leave that meeting with both sides having clear expectations on how PMM will work with sales going forward.

Of course, this is only the beginning. You need to actually deliver in order to improve the situation. But that’s a topic for another day.

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Looking to run a sales confidence survey? Here’s a template you can use 👇