Hire internally, especially when people are already doing the jobFor

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For solo PMMs looking to build your team, just because you’re the first product marketer at your org doesn’t mean you are the first person to DO product marketing.

There were likely people owning different parts of product marketing before you arrived. Like a sales rep owning competitive enablement, a product manager owning release marketing, a CSM owning customer enablement, a content marketer owning customer storytelling. They all had their “hand in the cookie jar” so to speak.

In an industry where hiring great product marketers is so competitive, look internally first for people that are already doing the job. They already know your space, product, and customer so they can hit the ground running and fill in the gaps as they go. Some of my most successful hires have come internally.

And for people looking to break into product marketing, look for opportunities to fill product marketing gaps within your current department. Get your hand in the cookie jar and you’ll eventually get your shot at going full time.