Here’s what we learned from our State of CE Report

We surveyed #productmarketers from around the globe.

Here’s what we learned about their competitive enablement programs👇

📣  83% say their competitive landscape has become more crowded in the last year.

💪  88% also believe that the competition has gotten stronger.

⚖️  53% of companies are directly evaluated against a competitor in over 50% of deals.

So it goes without saying that enabling your company to beat the competition is super important.

BUT we also learned that:

👎 On a scale of 1-10, product marketers rated themselves an average of 4.6 on their ability to distribute competitive content to their sales team

🙁  and a 5.1 on their sales team’s confidence in that content,

😖 all leading to a 5.8 in rep confidence when it comes to responding to competitors in deals.

Moral of the story. Every market is becoming more competitive, but most organizations are not effectively enabling their teams to compete. If you believe the stats above, there’s a clear opportunity for those that do and trouble for those that don’t.

Want to check out the rest of the report? We worked on it with our friends at Product Marketing Alliance and it has ~50 pages of stats covering the current state of competitive enablement.

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