Here’s what I learned about demo from 6 Gartner analysts

Analyst briefings are not my zone of excellence.

That’s why I made a point to ask each analyst for specific demo feedback and advice following our latest briefing.

Here’s what I learned 👇

✋ Stop telling people how wonderful your tech is and talk more about the value to your customer.

🖼 Put your product into the context of use cases — don’t just show off raw functionality. Instead, consider framing the demo as “A day in the life of a (user persona)”

📈 Focus on business outcomes, tied to case studies that have real benefits and metrics. “Companies don’t write a cheque for tech, they write it for outcomes." - Peter Havart-Simkin

🧩 Simplify the demo and focus only on what matters to the customer. Showing more will only confuse them.

One analyst, Chris Meering, recalled one of the best vendor briefings he’s ever had going something like this:

  • They started by sharing some of the value metrics they’d seen from their best customers
  • Then, went into how a customer would use their product
  • Then, explained in more detail how it worked and how it was different from the competition
  • Instead of presenting a deck, then a demo, they flowed back-and-forth between demo and slides throughout

IMO, this advice not only applies to analyst briefings - it’s great advice for anyone looking to perfect their pitch.

What do you think?

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