Google Slides Tip: How to Turn Logos White


Here’s a quick Google Slide tip 💡

The best way to make a logo (or anything) WHITE ⬜️

Note: this works on anything with a transparent background. I dropped a link in the comments to a previous post I made showing the easiest way to find transparent logos on Google. 👇

Here’s my favourite way to turn any logo white, without fail:

  • Select the logo
  • Click on “Format” in the toolbar
  • Click on “Adjustments” in the drop down
  • Move the “Brightness” slider to 100% (all the way to the right)

That’s it 👍

A lot of people mess around with the “Recolor” option, but I find that to be hit or miss.

Brightness to 100% works every time for me.

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Here’s how to easily find transparent logos on Google 👇