Global Search is now available in the Klue mobile app

Hey Klue users, Global Search is now available in our mobile app 📲

Now, when one of your team members needs access to competitive insights on the go, they can quickly find the answers they need in the Klue mobile app.

An AE could be walking into a prospect meeting and need a last-minute refresher of your value wedge.

An SDR may be at a trade show and need to quickly reference the latest “quick dismiss” messaging to use at your booth.

An Account Manager may be walking into a tough renewal meeting and need a quick reminder of your top competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

Without the right information, people often wing it, quoting outdated or inaccurate information, ruining all credibility in the deal, sometimes before they even start.

Quicker access to competitive content means sellers can walk into in-person meetings better prepared to deposition competitors and tip the scales on challenging deals and renewals.

Even when they’re away from their computer 💪

Download the Klue mobile app on iPhone or Android and see for yourself.

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