Founders and heads of marketing, support your junior founding PMMs

Founders and heads of marketing, support your junior founding PMMs

Published Date
January 8, 2024
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Jan 2, 2024 9:12 PM

Dear founders and marketing leaders,

If you hire someone junior as your first PMM

You NEED to Invest in their development

I found 188 Founding PMM job openings over the last 3 months.

The titles being offered were:

➡️ 126 “Product Marketing Managers”

➡️ 41 “Senior Product Marketing Managers”

➡️ Only 21 were for something like Principal, Leader, or Director

Although many of the PMM job descriptions asked for 5+ years experience

It’s likely that they’ll end up hiring someone more junior

I see this a lot.

For many founding PMMs, a lot of the job is brand new.

Not to mention:

🚨 Nobody else in the company has product marketing experience

🚨 You don’t have the time to personally coach them

🚨 They are getting hammered with requests

🚨 They have zero influence across the company

The odds are stacked against them.

And your product marketing function too.

I understand that not every startup can afford to hire an experienced product marketing leader as their founding PMM.

But you CAN afford to provide them with the three Cs:

  • Coaching
  • Courses
  • Communities

A hungry PMM, paired with the right support network and resources, can make a big impact at an early-stage startup.

You’re not only investing in their personal growth

But the success of your product marketing function

Which is about as mission critical as it gets.