FAQ enablement doc

FAQ enablement doc

An often overlooked secret weapon in your launch plan 👇

An FAQ doc

It’s a simple doc, but a great way to enable cross-functional teams without having to always be in the room.

➕ You can use it after your launch to handle ongoing questions as people start to sell and support your new product / feature.

➕➕ Instead of relying on a messaging document that some people may never use, you can include that info as part of your FAQ document to get more eyes on it.

You can also answer more nuanced questions, like:

❓ How do I position our pricing on this?

❓ How do I explain this to existing customers?

❓ What plans is this availability on vs not?

❓ When will future capabilities like x,y, and z be added?

When creating these in the past, I’ve typically:

➡️ Worked on them in partnership with product. You’ll need their help answering many of the questions that come.

➡️ Always started by seeding the document with answers to obvious questions.

➡️ Included a video answer or walk through for the ones needing a more in-depth explanation.

➡️ Added a section at the bottom where people can add new questions and @mention, or they can ping me in Slack.

➡️ Grouped the questions and added a table of contents at the top to make it easy to search.

Try adding this to your launch toolkit. It’ll help you and the rest of your org feel more prepared heading into your launch and save you time when you inevitably get hammered with questions.

Instead of answering each question one-by-one in Slack, you can just reference your FAQ doc and keep directing people back to the source.

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