Embrace no bureaucracy

Published Date
July 10, 2023
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Being a founding PMM means less red tape.

You don’t need to dozens of internal opinions to update positioning

You don’t have as many internal bottlenecks slowing your work

You can build the systems and process that work for you

You don’t need to wait weeks to update your website

Smaller sales teams mean fewer ad hoc requests

You can launch products with small committees

OKRs and KPIs are more simple and obvious

You don’t need to manage people (yet)

The role is not free of challenges — gosh no. Much the opposite.

And it doesn’t mean you can work in a silo — that’s cause for disaster.

But if you like autonomy and the freedom to make impactful changes…

Consider becoming the first PMM at a startup.

Curious if other founding PMMs feel the same way?

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