Embrace feedback — Good and Bad

In the game of #productmarketing, we need to embrace feedback. Good and bad.

Today Peep Laja launched a new episode of his series “Do you even resonate?” comparing Klue and Crayon. Check it out. Link is in the comments 👇

He also posted a Twitter poll asking if anyone knew what “competitive enablement” was.

Peep’s a no BS kind of guy and we love him for it.

But as a product marketer, this can be a very stressful moment. Positioning, messaging, competitive differentiation, category building — these are the things I work on, now out there for very public scrutiny.

But like I said, in this game, we need to embrace the feedback. Good and bad. And there was some GREAT feedback in the results he shared. We were all nerding out 🍿

It’s a reminder of just how valuable qualitative feedback from buyers can be and how we all need to be asking for it more often.

On that topic, let’s talk competitive enablement — it’s clear not everyone knows what it means... yet.

On one hand, it’s understandable. After all, building a new category means introducing people to a new way of thinking.

But it's also a great reminder that it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a marathon of constantly introducing buyers to a new point of view and why they need to make a change.

And we’re on that journey.

Hold on to your hats because it’s going to get interesting.

More to come on that next week, so stay tuned.