Don’t start from scratch — practice Borrowed Creativity

Hey #productmarketing friends, never start a project from scratch.

And if you need to — try to make that the last time.

And instead, practice Borrowed Creativity. 💡

I dropped a link in the comments if you want to learn more about it, but to paraphrase Tiago Forte:

Creativity is not a superpower that comes from nowhere. It naturally comes from the process of collecting, organizing, and digesting your own ideas, and the ideas of others.

Before you start a project, you can prepare by collecting all of the ideas you’ve come across in a single location outside of your head.

This allows you to notice unexpected patterns and connections between concepts, resulting in more powerful and distinctive insights.

In other words, surrounding yourself with great ideas, examples, and inspiration can be your shortcut to creating great work.

That’s why I try to save everything. I take lots of notes. I've created multiple swipe files.

Whenever I create something I constantly think “can I turn this into a template I can use again?”

If you find you’re constantly starting from scratch, a simple step could be creating your own swipe file for collecting anything that inspires you.

I’ve shared a number of my favorite in the comments 👇

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Want to learn more about Borrowed Creativity 👇

Some of my favourite swipe files 👇

https://competitivesnacks.com/ from Andrew Mccotter Bicknell

I also share my swipe files and templates at https://jasonoakley.ca/