Don’t have the time vs choosing not to make the time

❌ I don’t have time

✅ It’s not a priority

The first one is certainly easier to say.

I mean, telling someone “I don’t have time” because of X, Y, Z reason is a lot easier than saying “I’m choosing not to make time because your request isn’t as important.”

But I think people generally understand that if something is truly important, people can make the time.

And those same people typically think their stuff is top priority, so naturally you'll be able to make time for it, right?


That's why it's important to always know what your top priorities are. That way, when someone makes a request you can say:

"I can't right now, because I'm focused on"

Unless it truly is important, in which case you'll make the necessary adjustments and reprioritize.

Thinking this way puts you in the driver seat. Creating time for things that move the needle vs reacting to things that fill up your calendar until it just can’t fit any more.

You're not the DMV where everyone grabs a ticket and waits their turn.

You're more like an emergency room where you're constantly prioritizing based on the highest need.

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