Content Amnesty

Have you heard of Content Amnesty?

Jarod Greene shared this concept in his talk at the PMM Summit earlier this month and it really clicked for me.

We’ve all heard the stat that 70% of content goes unused by sales, but Jarod also shared that 80% of training is also forgotten 😮

As product marketers and sales enablement professionals, it’s our mission to make sure that reps know where to find the latest content, why it matters, and how to use it.

But after pouring hours into building collateral and making it "easy" for reps to find, it’s easy to become irritated when someone says they didn’t know it existed.

That's where content amnesty comes in.

Reps need a safe, judgement-free zone where they can ask content-related questions. Because even if you’ve designed the world's greatest repository of information, if a rep can’t find what they need, it’s on you.

So, create a safe place where reps can ask these types of questions. A public forum in Slack or Teams is great because after a while reps can start helping each other.