Competitive deals are won by small margins

We’ve all seen these Slack messages, sharing stories of a tough loss to a competitor. 😣

Truth is, competitive deals are rarely won by a landslide.

It feels like most come down to the wire. They could go either way.

So, think 👇

How many could you have helped tip, just the 1% it needed to go in your direction?

It’s often only a few deals that mean the difference between a great quarter and missing revenue targets.

And something small could have made the difference:

  • How early in the sales cycle a rep can deposition a competitor
  • How they respond to a competitive question
  • How effectively they communicate your differentiators

These are nuanced things in the moment, but they can make a big impact.

That’s why your competitive enablement program is so important.

Especially in times when buyers are being asked to justify every purchase. Every sales cycle is going to be competitive.

With the right messaging, revenue teams can capitalize on those critical moments and tip the scales in your favor.

1% at a time.