Chili Piper and Navattic Buyer Behaviour Report

Buyers have three big gripes with the SaaS buying process today

😡 I can’t see or experience your product on your website

😡 I can’t see your pricing

😡 It takes forever to hear back from sales

We all know the typical buying process in SaaS leaves a lot to be desired.

But now there’s some data to back it up.

Navattic and Chili Piper just released the Buyer Behavior Report.

They requested demos from the top 100 SaaS companies and assessed their buying experience.

The results were surprising, to say the least.

Only 17% provided hands-on product access

Only 57% show transparent pricing

Only 11% offered a calendar to book time with sales

On top of that, only 44% of companies responded within 24 hours and 35% didn’t even respond 😲

In an economic climate when every deal matters that much more, HOW is this happening?

Hopefully this is a reality check for companies looking to improve their buying process.

Check out the full report👇 for tips on how you can turn it around.

There’s a great chance you’ll be creating a better experience than the majority of your competitors.