Champion enablement for product launches

Champion enablement for product launches

Try this with your next product launch

Enable your champions → to enable their users

for example👇

With Klue’s latest Slack integration release,

We knew that in order for our customers to get the biggest benefit,

Their employees needed to adopt it — not just our primary program owners and admins.

We also knew that our champions would be responsible for this internal enablement work.

So Brandon Bedford created a ‘Launch Kit’ to make it easier for them.

It included:

✅ how-to guides they could share with other teams.

✅ Templated messaging they could share internally in slack or email

✅ Walk-through videos they explaining the integration

We knew they were going to have to enable others anyways,

so why not make the job easier and help them look good in the process 😎

We also segmented our email announcement into two groups:

1️⃣ Our Champions received the first email containing the Launch Kit

2️⃣ We then emailed the Users two weeks later to provide extra air cover, giving our champions time to roll out the launch kit internally.

Not only did we see a lift in Slack integration usage, but a number of champions reached out saying how much they appreciated the approach.

Our learning from this — make your champions part of your launch strategy.

What do you think?

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