Brag Board

In product marketing, we’re always looking for measurable impact metrics. Ways to quantify our impact on the business.

But, don’t forget to include the things that can't be measured.

Chances are you’re getting internal messages, shout-outs in Slack, even mentions from prospects and customers — all pointing to your impact on the business.

And it's probably happening more often than you realize.

Start your own swipe file for capturing any internal or external proof that you’re helping move the needle.

Some examples:

💰 An AE thanks you on Slack for helping them win a competitive deal

🎯 An SDR shares an e-mail response where your messaging resonated perfectly with a buyer

🚀 A customer sends you a LinkedIn message about how pumped they are after seeing your latest product launch.

Just a few of the many examples of shout-outs you’re probably getting on a weekly basis.

Every time you see something like this, grab a screenshot and save it in a folder, add it to a deck, to Notion, whatever.

You’ll thank yourself next time you’re up for a performance review.

On that note, a big shout-out to Maria Alice Roche for sharing this idea in the Productive PMM Slack Group this past weekend.

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