Beat your competitors to the punch

What’s one way to handle objections?

Address them head on.

LinearB does this with their “Anti-FAQ” page 👇

It looks like a normal FAQ. But take a closer look 👀

Every question is a common objection they get from buyers.

I'd imagine some of these are also landmines competitors use against them.

Instead of waiting to react, LinearB beats them to the punch — like B-Rabbit at the end of 8 Mile.

Most companies are afraid to be this transparent. That it might put ideas in a buyer's head and cause unnecessary friction.

I like it for a few reasons:

➡️ Being this honest up front helps you earn trust with buyers

➡️ It helps buyers make a more informed purchasing decision

➡️ It lets you lead the narrative and position your product on your terms

Last thing — sometimes being clear that you’re not for everyone, helps you speak more clearly to your ideal customer.

Thanks Necco Ceresani for sharing this great example!

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