Battlecards are not something to “fill out”

#productmarketers, don't think of your battlecard as something to “fill out.”

That goes for any template or framework.

The best content is concise and quick to digest. Especially when intended for sales reps.

In many cases, templates give you a blank space that feels like it needs to be filled. Resist the urge to fill. Get the necessary information in there in as little space as possible.

☝️ Inspired by the wise words of the great Katie Berg 🏳️‍🌈.

One of the ways we approach this at Klue is by breaking our competitive content down into Cards 🟦

Cards are smaller insights or bite-sized content pieces. They’re the building blocks of content you build in Klue.

🟦 🟦

🟦 🟦

Even the act of asking someone to fill out a Card gets them thinking differently than asking them to fill out a document.

Nesting makes this even more powerful. What’s Nesting?

In Klue, you can drop links in your cards that unlock more content (ie. other cards)

It helps you keep your battlecards clear and concise while making it easy for reps to dig deeper if they need more context.

You can see what I mean in the comments. 👇


Here’s a quick gif showing a nesting example in Klue 👇