Ask “Why” More

Ask “Why” More

Published Date
February 13, 2024
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Feb 10, 2024 6:31 PM

Here’s one thing every founding PMMs should ask more 📈

“What is our GOAL?”

Or feel free to replace GOAL with OBJECTIVE or TARGET.

Even a simple “Why are we doing this?” will do

We’ve all been assigned a project that feels like random tasks without any real context around why.

I keep seeing it when I talk with other founding PMMs.

They’re building out programs and deliverables without a clear goal or objective.

Consider this — is running a competitive intelligence program, conducting win-loss interviews, or updating your pitch deck worth doing if you don’t have a clear objective?

I don’t think so. At least not at an early-stage startup.

In an early-stage startup you don’t have time to waste on projects that don’t contribute to a clear goal or business need.

Am I saying shut down these programs? Not necessarily.

I would just think about them differently.

Start with the objective first. Not the project or program.

Are your close rates dropping and you can’t figure out why?

Are you losing winnable deals to a competitor?

Is there a huge drop-off in your sales cycle that indicates your message isn’t resonating?

Are your sales reps lacking confidence when differentiating your product?

These are all compelling reasons to focus your time on the programs mentioned above.

And the best part, they each have clear metrics you can tie your work to.

📈 Increasing your close rate by X

📈 Increasing your competitive win rate by X

📈 Increasing your conversion rate at a specific stage of the sales cycle by X

📈 Increasing your sales confidence score by X

So here’s my call to action.

Figure out the objective before starting on a project.

Ask the one or two follow up questions to get clarity on why a project matters

And how to measure if it’s working.

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