Ask them to “Paint Done”

#productmarketing requests come from all directions.

If you’re not crystal clear on expectations, you’re bound to waste time on bloated projects that miss the mark.

Here’s something to try next time you receive a request.

Ask them to PAINT DONE.

Brene Brown introduced this concept In her book, Dare to Lead 👇

“Painting done means not just assigning a task, but explaining the reason — clarifying how the end product will be used. Providing color and context — the purpose, not just the mechanics.”

It helps in a number of ways:

  • makes everyone clear on expectations
  • creates discussion and collaboration on what the end-product will look like
  • leads to greater commitment from both sides
  • helps you learn more about the challenges or objectives of the other team
  • helps avoid constant back-and-forth, changes in direction, and unnecessary work due to unclear expectations

A big thanks to Jody for sharing this concept with our team.

It’s helped in a number of instances already. We’ve also added it to our internal collateral request form.

So, when in doubt, ask them to paint done. 🖌

#teamwork #marketing #bestadvice