Ask people directly and clearly

Ask people directly and clearly

Hey product marketers

when you’re coordinating a launch (or anything)

Be specific and direct when assigning tasks

As a PMM you get the chance to manage complex projects (like launches) spanning multiple teams and people.

And in a lot of cases it’s your peers or people more senior than you.

That can make things tricky when it’s time to assign people work and hold them accountable.

It may be imposter syndrome or not wanting to come across as bossy or micro-managing, but I hear of too many cases where projects go off the rails because roles and tasks are not clearly defined and assigned.

And in those cases, the PMM ends up taking on the bulk of the work.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

My #bestadvice is to be direct and specific when assigning work to other people.

Instead of,

❌ “We need to write a blog post for X, who wants to take that on?”


✅ “Taylor, can you write a blog post for this, I loved what you did on the last one?”

✅ “think you can have a draft ready for next Friday?”

As the project owner it’s your job to keep things moving and launching on time (or as close as possible)

You don’t need to be a dictator, but you do need to vibe clear and direct.

People actually appreciate the approach.

What do you think?

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