Anticipate bottlenecks + Maven reminder

Anticipate bottlenecks + Maven reminder

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November 29, 2023
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That launch went exactly as planned.


My PSA for today is this:

When it comes to product launches

Hiccups, delays, and bottlenecks

are the norm, not the exception

Here’s my advice:


Expect timeline changes (in any direction)

Your launch deadline is rarely dead-on

But either way, it sneaks up quickly


Hope product is shipped on time

But prepare for things to be delayed

Or not even 100% ready for launch day


Expect scope creep

That one last feature

That one extra asset

The last-minute video

“Can we put out a press release?”


Know what things need executive approval

Some execs are passionate about certain things

Don’t wait until the last minute to get their eyes on it

Give enough lead time for customer approvals

Work these things into beta agreements if possible

But anticipate lengthy reviews, changes, and lawyers


Know your acceptable misses

What you are willing to let slide

And launch without being perfect

I know I’m missing things, so add your comments below!

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