Announcing Compared to What: A new video series all about comparison pages

Do you use comparison pages on your website?

How do you make them effective? How do you make them convert?

Well, that’s what this new video series is all about 👇

I just started a new show with my friend Federico Jorge, whose company Stack Against builds comparison pages all day, every day.

Our show is called 👉 Compared to What

Grab our first episode in the comments!

A while back, Federico was a guest on the Competitive Enablement Show, where he broke down some of his favorite comparison pages. To date, it’s still one of the most popular episodes.

Around the same time, I posted a swipe file of my favorite comparison pages on LinkedIn. People were all over it.

And it makes sense. Everyone has competitors. And chances are your competitive landscape is getting more crowded each day.

Comparison pages are an effective marketing asset you can use to showcase your differentiation and convert highly-qualified leads.

But a lot of them fall flat.

So our goal with this show is to help you create the best comparison pages possible.

In every episode, we'll break down real comparison page examples, and discuss what we like, and what we don’t.

You'll walk away with practical insights you can take action on today!

Sound interesting? Check out our first episode by following the link in the comments! 👇

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Comment 1:

Check out episode one of Compared to What, where we review:

Drift vs. Intercom

BigCommerce vs. Shopify

Airtame vs. Chromecast


Comment 2:

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