Announce User Evidence Advisor role

Announce User Evidence Advisor role

Published Date
November 28, 2023
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What percentage of your marketing content should be written by customers?

50%? 80%? 100%?

Hearing directly from customers, in their own words, has always been the most powerful form of marketing.

But most companies never have enough customer stories.

Enough evidence to back up their marketing claims.

We throw around the term, Voice of Customer (VOC) a lot.

But most PMMs can’t find the time, or an effective way to actually listen.

Getting customers to talk is hard enough.

And when they do, you find out weeks later that you can’t publicly share it.

If you work at a larger company or regulated industry — forget about it.

It’s also time-consuming to create content. You either outsource it to a third party, or try to find someone in-house. Which, let’s face it, usually falls into the lap of product marketing.

That’s why I’m excited about what the team at UserEvidence is building. They have the cheat code for scaling voice of the customer.

Combining always-on customer feedback, third-party validation, and automated content creation into one power-tool for PMMs.

When Mark Huber asked me to join their extended team as a GTM Advisor, I said hell yeah.

Not only for what they offer today, but their plans to make all forms of VOC a real possibility for product marketing teams.

Pumped to be along for the ride 🚀