An everyday life example of great positioning

It's fun when you see great positioning in everyday life.

With two kids, a house cleaning service is well worth the investment. Anyways, we recently switched companies and are now with a local group called “The Organized Clean.” A big part of their pitch was that they not only clean your house but organize it too. Imagine that.

Now when they leave, I feel like my house is not only clean but tidy and organized too. I feel like I’m getting double the value compared to my last service.

Are they organizing more than the last service. Maybe, but I can’t really tell. I have to think the other company organized as they went.

The point is that The Organized Clean is positioning itself as more than just a cleaning service. And for that reason, I see them as more valuable, even though they’re likely providing the same service.

Shout out to Organized Clean!

#positioning #productmarketing