25+ Interactive Calculators and Value Assessment Tools

25+ Interactive Calculators and Value Assessment Tools

Looking to build your own ROI calculator or value assessment tool in 2023?

Here’s a collection of over 25 awesome examples for inspiration. 👇

Plus a few things we learned creating ours.

Let’s face it — markets and budgets are incredibly tight right now.

Your buyer is having to build a rock-solid business case in order to get approval for any new products or services.

As product marketers, it’s our job to help make that process easy for them.

ROI calculators and value assessment tools are one fantastic way.

We recently went through the process of building our own value assessment calculator at Klue, and learned a few things in the process 👇

1️⃣  Focus on quantifying the problem

ROI calculators are typically very focused on YOUR product.

But what’s most important right now is helping your buyer understand and quantify their problem.

Once they can confidently put a $ number on the problem your product solves, the rest is simple math.

2️⃣  Keep it simple and believable

People have pretty strong bullsh!t meters these days, so massive ROI number claims can often get dismissed.

As we tested and refined our messaging for the Competitive Revenue Gap, we discovered that making it believable for people was super important.

3️⃣  You don’t need to over-engineer it

There are a number of low-cost, simple tools to help build these types of tools that you no longer need to invest a ton of time and resources into building them.

But honestly, even a detailed blog post that walks your buyer through quantifying the problem they’re trying to solve is a great start.

So if you’re planning to build a tool like this in the new year, check the comments for some great examples that will hopefully inspire you!

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