A simple system for managing triaging your competitive intel

If you own #productmarketing and #competitiveintelligence at your org — here’s a simple approach to managing the constant stream of competitive intel.

After all, you juggle a ton of other things, right?

Even if you have something like Klue to remove 87% of the noise, you still need a process for turning relevant competitive intel into useful content and insights for your team.

I’ll make a few assumptions to start:

You have an internal #competitive intel Slack channel

You have an internal competitive newsletter

You use competitive battlecards to enable your internal teams

So, as competitor news and information comes across your desk, put it into one of these buckets:

🗑 Discard - it’s not useful or relevant information, so get rid of it.

🚨 Important - this is urgent #competitor intel that has your team on edge. You know the kind. Big product releases, pricing changes, #positioning changes — things that impact the way you position and sell against them. You need to hop on this intel, add context, and provide direction to your team ASAP.

💡 Interesting - this is relevant competitor intel that doesn’t need an immediate response. Take time to analyze, incorporate the insights into battlecards, and update the team during your regular cadence, like in your internal competitive newsletter.

🗂 Archive - this is relevant competitor intel that you won't act on now but want to save for later research.

This was part of a presentation I did at Wynter Games last week, talking about #competitiveenablement and how to compete as a team.

I’ll drop the session recording in the comments ⬇️

And if you want the deck, just let me know.


Watch the full presentation recording here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeTEkHcnlNU