A lot of your best messaging will come from product managers

#productmarketing friends, a lot of your best messaging will come from your product manager.

They’ve talked to customers, understand their pains, and know what they’re trying to accomplish with your product.

So, when you’re discussing new releases:

❌  Don’t just listen for how the feature works. You’ll end up with instructional, how-to messaging that doesn’t communicate the value of your product.

✅  Instead, listen for:

  • Why they're building it?
  • Who they're building it for?
  • What pains they're trying to solve?
  • How it's different from the alternatives?
  • What the user is trying to accomplish?
  • What specific use cases it has?

Most product managers start a new project by creating an internal “User Story” and most of that stuff ☝️ is usually in it.

Your job as a #pmm is to help your product manager communicate those points to your company, your customers, and your market. You may add some context, make sure it reflects your category narrative, but most of the meat is already there.

You’re rarely coming up with some profound new concept. And the more you try, the more buzzwords you typically get.