70+ examples of competitive comparison pages

Working on a new #competitive comparison page?

Here are 70+ examples from B2B SaaS companies to inspire you. 👇

Comparison pages — also known as “alternatives to” pages — are a popular tool for a few reasons:

✅ They drive high-intent traffic and leads

✅ They’re great for SEO

✅ They force you to create and share differentiated #messaging

Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen a number of people asking for examples. And after last week’s live episode of the Competitive Enablement Show with Federico Jorge, I was inspired to build this resource.

Btw, Federico runs a company called Stack Against that actually builds these pages for you.

So I’ve posted two resources in the comments:

1️⃣ A link to my Notion page of 70+ Competitive Landing Pages

2️⃣ A link to the podcast with Federico where he shares his best practices

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