50 top Marchitects influencing the game

50 #productmarketing leaders you should be following πŸ‘‡Β 

Product Marketing Community and Pavilion's list of the top 50 Marchitects influencing the game.

The first product marketing event I ever attended was a Product Marketing Community event hosted by Rowan Noronha.

In fact, that was the first time I ever chatted with other people in my profession. I learned a ton from those events. It’s what kick-started my career as a product marketer.

So to now be included among this group is an incredible honor.

The people on this list are some of the most talented product marketing leaders in the business. People like Jam Khan, Mark Huber, Mary Sheehan, Peep Laja, April Dunford, Tamara Grominsky, Kyle Lacy, Jarod Greene, and Julien Sauvage have played a big part in my education as a PMM.

So if you're looking to learn from those that continue to lead by example and further the discipline of product marketing, I highly encourage you to follow this group.

I dropped a link in the comments to a page with all 50 Marchitects, including quick links to their LinkedIn profiles.

Honestly, following these people will be one sure way to help level as a PMM in 2023.

A big thanks to Sam Jacobs, Kathleen Booth and Rowan Noronha, for recognizing this group and including me.

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See the list of top PMM leaders to follow here πŸ‘‰ https://www.productmarketingcommunity.co/50marchitects