Executives don’t scroll

Published Date
March 29, 2023
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Aug 4, 2022 3:01 PM

Executives don’t scroll.

Agree or disagree?

I remember learning about the concept of Skimmers, Dippers, and Divers from the team at


👀 Skimmers barely scratch the surface of your content. They read headings, bullets, and stats.

🥽 Dippers dig a bit deeper. They read some sub-content, watch videos, or click on a deeper page.

🤿 Divers consume everything. They read the entire page, watch every video, and visit multiple pages.

When I first learned these concepts, we were working on a new product overview page and our ROI proof points were multiple sections down the page.

“If you want executive buyers to see those points, you need to bring them further up the page.”

In most cases, if executive buyers make it to your website they should be treated as Skimmers. But they also explained that executives don’t scroll. And if they do, just barely.

I reviewed websites of B2B companies I admire and most were burying their quantifiable proof points further down on their homepage and product overview pages.

The moral of the story — if you’re building a web page that’s meant to be read by executive buyers, make sure they can quickly get the information they need without having to scroll too much.

What do you think?

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