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Vintage is cool - but your cash register is just old. Make the change to a modern, digital system to power your restaurant.


"The 'fiddle factor' of a cash register with a separate credit card processor was taking too much time. We needed a system that could make us more efficient."

Ready to upgrade from your cash register?

Get ahead of the curve and keep your operations running smoothly with a point of sale system that's built for restaurants.

Take orders faster with fewer errors, especially during a rush.

Our easy-to-use interface and connected devices ensure your technology won't slow you down. Every part of the process, from authorizing a credit card transaction to printing (or texting, or emailing) a receipt, is quicker. Plus, there are checks in place with a POS system to ensure that your restaurant staff is as productive as they can be.

Toast helped Spoken Cafe “move through the rush faster”


Choose a single platform to meet all your restaurant's needs.

Start with one terminal to run your restaurant, and add on new technology or services when you're ready. From POS and payment processing, to online ordering and loyalty, to kitchen display systems and kiosks, we'll grow with your restaurant.

Rosella Coffee grows with Toast


Give your guests a modern ordering experience at a fraction of the price big brands pay.

Our tools can help you stay competitive with big brands with deep pockets — at a fraction of the price. Offer gift cards, loyalty programs, online ordering, and more with a single, easy-to-use platform.

Daddy O's limited budget was enough to get them “more than ever expected from a POS system”


Alpine Inn - Order & Pay