Save Your Budget & Choose Sendible over Hootsuite

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While Hootsuite is priced towards enterprise businesses, Sendible is the trusted choice for agencies managing multiple brands with an all-in-one platform that has reporting built into every plan.


Don't just take our word for it

G2 reviewers found Sendible easier to use, a better fit for their business needs, and with higher quality product support when compared to Hootsuite.

“Sendible is by far the most efficient way for us to manage social media for our clients. Bonus! It's affordable and the support team is amazing, even though we are on different continents.”

Engage audiences with custom content on each platform

Simply switch tabs, make updates, and then preview the posts before they go live.

Easily edit images, tag profiles, and add video thumbnails all from the comfort of your Sendible dashboard.

"My favourite feature is the ability to customise content for each social media platform. Because you can do that in Sendible, it's really useful, saves a lot of time, and just makes things a lot more simple."

Whether you're working directly with clients or have teams dedicated to specific brands, content approvals are a breeze with Sendible.

Customise workflows, assign tasks, leave comments, and track conversations all from your dashboard, no emails required.

"We send every post for approval and this process goes so well. With the native platforms, the approval process was unbelievably painful and time-consuming, and we couldn’t handle the volume we are handling now without such a tool as



Pricing plans that scale with your business

Sendible lets you keep more of your profits while scaling with your growing business.

"You were affordable, which was super important to me, but also having come from a space where we had a pretty robust tool to work with - Sendible was really comparable at a fraction of the price."
"Reliably scheduling content across a variety of platforms and reporting on our social media activities were a real challenge. It was hard to find a product at the right price to do this. Sendible allows me to do this both from the desktop and while on the go for a competitive price."

Reviewers prefer Sendible - start your free trial to see why!

Join 30,000+ marketers around the world who use Sendible to effectively manage their social media and deliver results for the brands they manage.

Protect your clients' privacy with secure logins via Client Connect. Simply install our widget on your website, and your clients can add their social media profiles to Sendible - no more passwords shared via email or spreadsheets.

"It's those finishing touches - things like client connect that you don't get anywhere else. It's that kind of thing that really makes Sendible stand out from the crowd."

More firepower when you publish to Instagram

Expand your reach on Instagram with geotagged locations and hashtags in the first comment of every post you publish.

Preview your posts before they go live to ensure your visuals and captions are on point.

"I have used several social media management platforms before I found Sendible. With Sendible everything is simplified. I log in, set up the posts I need for my clients, and get on to the next project. This saves me precious time every day!"

Measure success with reports

Whether you need a basic overview or in-depth analytics, we've got you covered with quick and custom reports.

"I've been able to secure 5 clients because of the reporting system from Sendible."

Any questions?

There are no commitments and you can try the tool free for 14 days. We won't even ask you for your credit card!

You can start using Sendible from as little as $29/month.

The plan we recommend for startup agencies or brands is our Traction plan at $89/month that includes 4 user seats, post approvals, and the ability to connect up to 24 social profiles.

You can change your subscription plan at any time.

Custom pricing is available for larger plans and our co-branded and White Label solutions.

The biggest change you'll see is in the way Sendible handles conversations on social media.

You'll still be able to see comments and monitor brand mentions, but the feeds won't be side by side. Instead, each profile is separated out for easy readability.

Streamline your social media management workflow and build stronger brands with a tool you can rely on.