ProcessKit vs Asana

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The process-driven Asana alternative

Companies that struggle to automate recurring tasks in Asana love how ProcessKit makes their work predictable.

Companies that run on processes, trust ProcessKit

“ProcessKit is a breeze. Everything's lined up, automatically. We used to spend way too much time managing tasks. Now our process becomes a task list, with everything all set up in a matter of seconds.”


Your tool should match the way you work — not the other way around

We get this all the time from users that migrate from Asana to ProcessKit:

“Asana is non-intuitive and difficult to navigate. If you have processes and systems this is a waste of time for most.”

“I spend more time trying to navigate it than using it for task management. It’s overly complicated.”

“It's difficult to maintain consistency because it lacks templates for weekly/monthly tasks. Duplicating tasks one by one is painful.”

“I feel that often the user interface, while fun, can be a bit distracting and cluttered…”

“…leaves my users feeling lost and confused as to what they should be doing next. ”

Turn distraction into focused productivity

Asana demands manual work

“…the experience was fragmented as we had to bring information from different softwares into Asana manually.”

Create automation rules and connect with Zapier. Remove manual legwork from repetitive tasks.

“ProcessKit is perfect for a business like mine, a productized service. It turns our processes into projects. It helps us be more predictable, but it's also very flexible with automations.”

“It would have been nice to have some standard templates to deal with weekly/monthly tasks […] instead you have to create and then duplicate them, and then alter them one by one - which is painful.”

No matter how simple or complex your processes are, plug them into ProcessKit once and reuse them every time you start a new project.

“We live and die by deadlines in my business. ProcessKit automatically back-dates tasks so that we never miss our deadlines. It's not reliant on me to remember to give my team instructions or due dates.”

“For our small team, it was almost more work to track the work than to just have our own to do lists.”

No more clicking and cloning and duplicating and copying and pasting — just getting work done.

“ProcessKit lets us focus on quality, not just managing the work. Tasks don’t require a 30-minute meeting. Team members just go to their dashboard and knock down tasks. It’s very clear.”

ProcessKit powers up your processes, without the overwhelm

Eliminate unnecessary steps, clicks and tabs. Projects in ProcessKit come preloaded with reusable checklists. Turn complex challenges into easy-to-digest projects your teams consistently deliver.

Your processes live where your projects live. Create foolproof checklists that anyone can follow.

Plug processes for sales, onboarding, delivery and more. Access our process templates library.

Strong processes mean you can hire anyone and teach them how to do the work in a very short time.

First-class Zapier integration

At ProcessKit, we love Zapier just as much as you do. Connect all your apps and build powerful integrations.

“ProcessKit is a breeze. Everything's lined up, automatically.” “We used to spend way to much time managing tasks. Now our process becomes a task list, with everything all set up in a matter of seconds.”

Asana vs. ProcessKit


“ProcessKit is a profit-center for us.” “Our customer onboarding used to be ad hoc and crazy. Now we can scale it and charge for it. Results are better. Customers are happier. The business is healthier.”

Migrate to ProcessKit and scale your repeatable tasks.

Your team will thank you.