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See how Jira Software, the #1 software development tool for agile teams, stacks up against the competition.

From customizable dashboards and gadgets to a visual workflow designer, there's a reason Jira Software has earned its place as the #1 software development tool used by agile teams.

Unlike Azure DevOps, Jira Software works with every type of developer environment, meaning no member of your software team will ever be forced to use any tool they don't want to use.

Engineers are just one crucial member of the software team. Jira Software was built to empower every member of your software team to collaborate, track and ship better software, faster.

Building world-class software requires great tools. Unlike Monday.com, Jira Software’s powerful features are built for agile and DevOps to help teams ship early and often like a well-oiled machine.


“We can see, at a glance, the status of our projects, the volume we are managing, as well as what defects are coming in and what the severity levels are.”

  • Jennifer Johnson, Autodesk Senior Manager